Children’s Books


Nicola Lindsay  wrote and illustrated this entertaining children’s book, which was published in 1996. It’s a hide-and=seek story of two young sisters and their madcap black and white pet Batty Cat.

“The water birds go goose

stepping on their way to

play a game of ducks

and drakes before it

gets too dark”

MY MAGIC PLACE was a joint co-operation between Nicola Lindsay as author and South African artist Miranda Roberts as illustrator. The original witty pictures to accompany Nicola’s unique sense of humour were meticulously painted in large format size on silk, a specialist technique for which Miranda Roberts is recognised internationally.  An example of the play on words used throughout (see below) can be enjoyed by both adults and children at different levels.

“ When they have finished eating and Molly and Polly’s tummies are so full they are like little balloons, they scramble down from their chairs and run off to Batty Cat. He is sitting on the window sill in the sunshine, washing his face and his whiskers “

Nicola is currently finishing another childrens’ book which is being illustrated by the wonderful artist Naomi Peppard. ( )